511 Colorado Ave.
Carbondale, CO 81623
Phone: (970) 963-2733

Carbondale Business Building


Mission statement:

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To see the Carbondale area as a self-sustainable economic engine of job growth that is consistent with the "flavor" of Carbondale and is sufficiently diversified to weather economic downturns without significantly altering the economic vitality of the area.


Vision statement:

To attract established, start-up and relocating businesses to Carbondale to create economic diversification, sustainability and jobs.


Economic Development Basics:

  • Support Existing Employers to facilitate sustainability and growth
  • Attract new employers to further expand and diversify the economic base
  • Grow new companies by providing start-up assistance
  • Educate the community about their importance so they can be appreciated and supported

How We Assist:

  • Gather necessary research and information to allow you to make the most informed business decisions
  • Locate building options that accommodate your needs
  • Evaluate zoning, allowed uses, and permitting to ensure the most streamline process for your business project
  • Access or coordinate with local building contractors and construction companies
  • Find and apply for relevant financial incentives, including but not limited to business grants, tax credits, tax breaks, loans, forgivable loans, and job training funds
  • Coordinate with municipal services and utilities to keep your project moving on the fast track
  • Connect you with new programs and services in your industry
  • Connect you to entrepreneurial development programs and opportunities for professional growth

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