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Incentives & Financing


Statewide Financial Support:

Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade


Business Finance:

The Business Finance Division has a variety of financial resources, including financing programs, incentives, and tax credits, which are available to support businesses and economic development activities in Colorado.  The programs and services available include:

  • Job Growth Incentive Tax Credit:  A significant financial incentive tool used when Colorado is competing with one or more states for a project
  • Strategic Fund:  Provides funding for incentives and various economic development activities in Colorado
  • Enterprise ZonesProvides incentives to encourage businesses and in certain cases, individuals, to undertake and complete specific activities in designated economically distressed areas of the state (Enterprise Zones)
  • Colorado Innovation Investment Tax CreditA one year pilot program.  The objective of this program is to encourage, promote, and stimulate investments in new, small Colorado businesses primarily involved in research & development or manufacturing of new technologies, products, or processes.
  • Regional Tourism Act:  The state has authorized up to $50 million dollars of state sales tax revenue per year to be dedicated to one or two large-scale regional tourism projects.
  • Bioscience Discovery Evaluation GrantsThe program provides funding for three specific initiatives; Proof of Concept, Early-Stage Companies and Industry-Research Institution Infrastructure Development.
  • Certified Capital Companies:  The state provided premium tax credits that were used to make funding available for six Certified Capital Companies (CAPCOs).
  • Venture Capital Authority:  The state provided premium tax credits that were used to make funding available to the Venture Capital Authority (a special purpose authority). 
  • Business Loan Funds:  Provides funding as needed to 14 regional Business Loan Funds.
  • Public Infrastructure Grants:  Designed to create new permanent jobs and/or retain existing jobs, primarily for low and moderate income persons.
  • Planning and Feasibility Studies:  Designed to provide funding to determine the feasibility of a project or to plan for a project that will be located in a primarily rural area in Colorado.
  • Colorado Credit Reserve:  Creates greater access to capital for small businesses in Colorado by using small amounts of public resources to encourage private bank financing.
  • Industrial Development BondsTax-exempt Private Activity Bonds issued by a state or local government entity on behalf of manufacturing facilities to finance qualified capital projects.
Please visit www.advancecolorado.com to learn more.


Colorado Creative Industries:

In July 2010, Colorado’s new Creative Industries Division merged the former Council on the Arts, Office of Film, Television and Media, and Art in Public Places program to capitalize on the immense potential for our creative sector to drive economic growth in Colorado.

  • Colorado Creates:  Grants designed to help promote cultural, educational, and economic growth through statewide investment in creative activities and organizations.
  • Colorado Film Incentives:  Incentive rebates are 10% of "qualified expenses" to production companies shooting feature films, television shows, commercials, video game development and new media programs taking place in Colorado.
  • Small Step Awards:  Arts and cultural heritage activities can play a part in a community's efforts to diversify or strengthen local economies, improve community systems (such as transportation, urban planning, housing, safety, justice, etc) and to strengthen ties within and between cultural groups.  The $1,000 Small Step awards are used to help communities develop strategies for using arts and culture in these ways.
  • Success Through Art School Grants:  StART planning and implementation grants support in-school arts learning for youth, both formal training in the arts and arts infused into other disciplines or subject areas.

Please visit www.coloradocreativeindustries.org to learn more.